How To Get Baby to Sleep in a Bassinet? 15 Best Tips

How To Get Baby to Sleep in a Bassinet? Many people are using bassinets nowadays to make it easier for their little ones to sleep longer throughout the night.

It typically helps babies get more sleep and is a great way to help establish healthy sleeping habits from day one. If you are having issues with getting your baby to sleep in a bassinet, there is no need to worry.

How To Get Baby to Sleep in a Bassinet
How To Get Baby to Sleep in a Bassinet

There are some simple tips that you can use to get your baby to sleep in the bassinet, just like they do at night.

How to get a baby to sleep in a bassinet-15 Tips

1. Check the temperature:

It is important to check the temperature in the bassinet to determine what temperature your baby will be sleeping at. It can be helpful to use a digital thermometer that can tell you the exact temperature of where your baby is sleeping.

This will ensure that the temperatures in the bassinet are around the same as their body temperature. A baby’s body temperature is normally between 97.5 and 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

How To Do it?

Let your baby check the temperature for you. If he is comfortable, you may be able to keep the bassinet at that temperature. However, if the baby feels uncomfortable and gets fussy, it is not the right temperature for a baby to sleep in.

2. Soothe him with rhythmic music:

The soothing feeling of music can help the baby sleep better at night and even during the day. Pick up some music that you and your baby enjoy. You can even play the same song repeatedly to help your baby sleep.

How To Do it?

Preferably, set up a playlist on your iPod or another device so that you can always choose soothing music for your baby to fall asleep to. Once the song is done, set another one on.

3. Pick a bassinet that is comfortable for both of you:

Before bringing a bassinet into your house, test it out for a couple of nights to see if it can provide the comfort your baby needs.

Make sure to take a peek at how easy or difficult it is to set up, how easy the setup can be stored away, and see if there are many other things you need to bring with you when traveling with it.

How To Do it?

Once you have picked a bassinet, observe your baby sleeping with it. If he seems comfortable and is not moving around, that is the one for you. However, another bassinet will be necessary if you see him kicking or turning the whole time.

4. Use the power of routine:

As mentioned earlier, having your baby sleep in a bassinet at night is crucial. This ensures they do not wake up at night and can get more rest when they fall asleep in bed.

In addition, babies that sleep in an infant seat tend to get more than enough rest and will be able to sleep longer throughout the day.

How To Do it?

The best way to use routine power is to set up a consistent bedtime with your little one. When they’re tired, move them into their bassinet and let them fall asleep to some music.

5. Place their security object in the bassinet:

Many babies have a security object to help them sleep at night. It can be a stuffed animal or blanket that they like but does not work for one reason or another. You may have to keep them in their bassinet and place their security object inside. This can be very helpful to your baby as they will feel in control of the whole situation.

How To Do it?

It is easy to do this by just placing it into the mesh pocket on the bassinet. You can place your baby’s security object inside and let them sleep with it at night.

6. Get them used to the sound of a vacuum:

Many people are uncomfortable with getting their baby used to the vacuum sound, but it is very helpful for the baby. They will be able to hear the vacuum and be asleep before you even start vacuuming. This can make things easier for you if your little one is not used to hearing a vacuum cleaner.

How To Do it?

You should start using the vacuum cleaner a few days before your baby is due to arrive. This will help them get used to the sound and fall asleep more easily. You can also use this technique after your baby has arrived as well. It may take a few days, but it will eventually work if you do the same thing every night.

7. Rethink your lights:

Babies tend to sense light, and this can disturb them at times. In addition, they may prefer not to fall asleep in the dark instead of in a darker room.

If you want your baby to fall asleep in their bassinet, it is best that you put the lights off and dim the room completely. This will help them get used to falling asleep in the dark.

How To Do it?

Open all of the curtains and make sure that there is no light coming from outside of your house. Also, put all of the lights off. If there are any other lights you want on, keep them dimmed, so they do not wake your baby up.

8. Use the bassinet when traveling:

Babies can get easily confused when they move around and have to change their sleeping positions differently.

In addition, babies may get bored if they don’t have things they can interact with. One way to help this problem is to take the bassinet with you when you travel. It can keep them entertained and give them something to look at.

Use The Bassinet When Traveling
Use The Bassinet When Traveling

How To Do it?

Make sure that you pack the whole bassinet when traveling with an infant. It helps them feel more at home, especially if there is a place they can sleep while traveling. It will also make things much easier for you if your baby wants to sleep while on the go.

9. Make the bassinet change colors:

Newborns and young babies can easily get distracted by bright colors. A great way to keep them entertained is to let them interact with the bassinet while trying to fall asleep. This can help occupy their time, making them feel more comfortable in their bassinet as they sleep.

How To Do it?

You can do this in many ways, but music is a great way to entertain your baby and make things exciting for them.

10. Make the bassinet a part of your family’s house:

Little ones are used to being in their own space, and if you do not get rid of that, it can make it harder for them to fall asleep. In addition, babies often want to be close to their parents and interact with them.

You can make the bassinet a part of the family room where they can be comfortable while they sleep. This will help keep them feeling secure and relaxed while sleeping at night.

How To Do it?

In your house, make sure to keep the bassinet tucked away in a corner. This can make your house more welcoming and make your little ones feel that they are part of the family.

11. Get your timing right:

You must be very careful with your baby’s sleeping schedule if you want them to sleep in their bassinet. In addition, you must start their sleeping routine as early as possible and make it a habit. This will help them feel at home and get used to their surroundings.

How To Do it?

You should start getting your timing right with your baby’s schedule when they are a few days old. At this time, you can move them into their bassinet when they are tired and need to fall asleep. If you get the timing right on the first day, it will likely stick with them as they age.

12. Leave their door open:

Many babies have difficulty falling asleep when there is no outlet to look at. In addition, babies may have problems getting used to the dark and prefer a dim light in the room. You can change this by leaving the door open while your baby sleeps in their bassinet. This will give them an outlet to look at while trying to sleep.

How To Do it?

Open the door of your baby’s bassinet and leave it open while they sleep. This will allow them to see out and look at the light if they need to. It can even be helpful for you so that you can monitor their sleeping pattern and ensure that you are doing things the right way.

13. Keep a white noise machine nearby:

Babies have a hard time falling asleep when there is no noise coming from the room around them. This can work to your advantage, especially if you are trying to get them used to sleeping in their bassinet.

A white noise machine is a great way to get some noise into the room, keeping the baby comfortable and letting them fall asleep.

How To Do it?

If you are trying to get your baby used to sleep in their bassinet, you should start using a white noise machine when they are young. This will let them sleep better and stay comfortable as they try to fall asleep. You can use this as a great way to keep your infant from getting bored while sleeping at night.

14. Try the washcloth trick:

The washcloth trick is a great way to get your baby to fall asleep and get used to sleeping in their own space. You will need a bath towel, washcloth, baby bath soap, a soft brush, and water.

Use the water and the brush on the washcloth, ensuring not to wet it too much. Gently scrub your baby’s back with the wet washcloth. It helps if you do this right before they fall asleep so that they can smell it on them throughout the night.

How To Do it?

It would help if you tried to do this right before they fell asleep. This can help them have an outlet when they are trying to fall asleep, especially if you find that they are getting bored in the dark or their bassinet.

15. Put some music on low:

Many babies love a gentle, soothing tone when they are falling asleep. There are many ways to get this tone down, especially since you may want to start your baby on a sleeping schedule early.

One way to do this is to have a small amount of music playing in the background as they try to fall asleep. This can help them fall asleep faster and feel comfortable as they try to sleep.

How To Do it?

You can do this in many ways, but it may be a good idea to start with a soft song that plays for 10-15 minutes before bedtime. This will help your baby get used to the idea of sleeping alone and listening to some music as they fall asleep.

Baby Wont Sleep in Bassinet: How To Get A Newborn To Sleep In A Bassinet

Settling your baby in their bassinet

You mustn’t rush into it when trying to get your baby used to sleep in their bassinet. It is a fact that many newborns used to fall asleep on a parent’s chest or in the arms of the parent. This is because they want that comfort and security they were used to while in the womb.

When your baby is used to sleeping alone, this can make it hard for them to adjust when no one is there with them.

So, if you have gotten your baby used to sleep alone, it can be difficult for them to fall back into their old habit of falling asleep in your arms or on your chest.

Instead, take some time and ensure they are comfortable and secure in their own space when they sleep. To start this out, you will need to ensure that they get enough sleep at night.

Best Bassinet for your baby to use Safe

When looking for a good bassinet, you will want to find one that is the right size for your baby. In addition, it should be comfortable and not too clunky so they can use it easily.

In addition, you want to ensure that it has a good amount of room around them so they can move around as needed or get into an uncomfortable position.

It is also important that the bassinet is sturdy enough not to tip over or break when your baby moves around in it.

Best Affordable Smart Bassinet


This is just a guide to help you get a good idea of starting your baby’s sleeping patterns. Knowing how to start them out is one thing, but if you don’t have the proper method or advice, it can be quite difficult for your infant.

The best way to do this is by following the steps above and taking it easy when putting your baby in their bassinet. You should always talk to your pediatrician if you have any concerns about your infant’s sleeping patterns or when they are using the bassinet.

In addition, make sure that you do not overdo it and keep them in the same bassinet for too long at a time. You want to ensure they have time to learn how to fall asleep and get used to their own space once they are in their bassinet.

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