Creative Ways To What To Do With Baby Food Jars

Do you know What To Do With Baby Food Jars? If you’re a new parent, you probably have no idea. Once your baby starts eating solid food, you’ll throw those jars of pureed fruit and vegetables into the trash left and right.

So why not recycle them? Many creative ways exist to reuse them around the house and in your garden.

Let’s start with a few fun ways to reuse the jars. You can use them as tealight holders. Since the jars are thick and sturdy, you don’t have to worry about them tipping over or breaking. If you use these outside, put them on a stable pedestal so they’re not easily knocked over.

You can also use baby food jars as candle holders on your dining room table or kitchen countertop. If your jar has a screw-on lid, remove the lid and place a candle in the jar.

If your jar has a plastic snap-on lid, you can place the candle inside the jar through a small opening. You can also use these jars as vases for fresh or silk flowers. When your baby is done eating from the jars, it’s time to find new uses for them around the house.

what to do with baby food jars
what to do with baby food jars

Creative Ways to what to do with baby food jars

1. Make a Wreath

A baby food jar is a perfect size for adding a unique touch to your Christmas wreath. Remove the lid from your baby food jar and hot glue, or use tacky glue to attach the lid to the inside of your Christmas wreath.

Use wire or ribbon to hang the wreath on your door. (Ensure you put it in an area where children can’t reach it.)

This is a great way to reuse those baby food jars you already have in your house and save money simultaneously. You don’t even have to buy any additional materials.

2. Make a Flower Holder

Consider making a flower holder out of empty baby food jars if you want something more practical. You can fill them with fresh flowers or silk flowers.

Or you can add some water to the jar, drop in a few fresh flower stems and place a thin piece of styrofoam on top of the stems. That way, you can change your arrangement without worrying about the flowers wilting.

3. Use as a Scented Candle

A baby food jar will make an adorable candle holder if you decorate it with washi tape or wrapping paper. Add a decorative candle, which will surely be the hit of your next dinner party.

4. Hang on the Wall

If you don’t have baby food jars or are afraid of breaking them, consider buying some little ceramic vases at your local craft store. Then fill the vases with flowers and place them on your dining room table. When the flowers die down, cut them and add them to a bouquet for a new look.

5. Vintage Jars

If you’re looking for something more rustic, consider repurposing old jars from your grandmother’s or your great aunt’s houses. You can turn any old jam jars into vases for houseplants or flowers.

6. Crafts

Many people use baby food jars for crafting projects like mixing paint, decorating cards, making glass buttons and candle rings, writing messages on inkspots and creating lip balm balms. It’s amazing what you can do with these clear jars!

7. Cheesecake Recipe

If you’re a little crazy and don’t want to use jars for regular recipes, why not place them inside a muffin pan to make cheesecake?

Just follow your recipe as usual. Before you mix the batter, remove the foam from the bottom of each jar. Then fill each jar with batter and place them in a muffin pan. Bake as normal and serve plain or with whatever topping you like best.

8. Chocolate Banana Cups

If you’re a chocoholic, you’ll love these chocolate banana cups. Break up a bunch of bananas, place them in baby food jars and cover them with melted chocolate. Place in the freezer for about 30 minutes or until the chocolate has hardened.

9. Breakfast On-the-Go

If you’re a busy mom and want to eat fast on busy days, these breakfast jars are perfect for you. Place the jar in the microwave and heat for a few minutes. After that, your breakfast will be ready to go. You’ll need a silicone muffin tray or mini muffin pan to make these jars.

10. Cookie Cutter

If you want some pretty cute cookies for your special occasion, consider creating homemade chocolate chip cookies and cutting them out with a cookie cutter.

If you don’t have any cookie cutters at home, you can use small round cookie cutters (like sugar cubes) for this purpose. Make the dough and bake it. Then, remove the cookie and cut out the shape with a cookie cutter. Place the cookie back in the oven for another minute or two to harden up again.

11. Bath Time Treats

Are you looking for an easy way to treat your kids while they bathe? Toast some marshmallows and place them in baby food jars before putting them in the microwave for about a minute. This is a fun way for kids to personalize their bath time treat.

9 Ways To Reuse Empty Baby Food Jars

12. Treat Holder

This is a great way to treat your kids (or yourself!) on a special day. Gather their favourite candies, fill the jar and wrap it in decorative paper. If you want to make it extra special, you can even glue on some pretty stones or hearts for decoration.

13. Simple Gifts

If you’re looking for a creative way to give a gift, you can fill baby food jars with different coloured tissue paper. This is a fun way to personalize your gifts without going overboard. You can also consider filling them with glitter or confetti.

14. Use as Lip Balm

Lip balm is so popular these days, and if you want to make your own, put some lip balm in a baby food jar and mix it with some colourless lip gloss. If you make the jar more fun, use washi tape or wrapping paper to decorate it.

15. Flower Vase

You can turn your empty baby food jars into beautiful flower vases if you’re thrifty. Add some water and drop in some fresh or silk flowers. You can add some decorative stones, wood or pottery pieces for subtle decoration.

16. Ice Cream Sundae

If you enjoy making dessert for your family, why not think outside the box and use a baby food jar? All you need to do is fill your jar with ice cream and make your sweet treat. This can be so much fun for kids and adults alike.

17. Notebook Holder

If you’re looking for a cute way to store your notebooks or make your desk look more organized, consider using a baby food jar as a notebook holder. Tape some paper to the side of the jar and stick your notebook on it.

18. Safe Filler

Make your safe filler to mix paint or decorate a ceramic item. You can also use it as a safe filler for your child’s toys, crafts or homemade jewellery.

You need to add one part flour and two parts water. Knead the mixture until the dough becomes pliable. Then mould it into small balls, place them in a jar, and you’re ready to go!

19. Wall Vase & Candleholder

If you’re looking for a great way to decorate your home and make it look more festive, consider using a baby food jar as a vase or candleholder. You can paint the jar or use a washi tape decoration to go all out. For candleholders, you can make your wicks.

20. Pen Holder

Are you looking for a great way to organize office supplies like pens, pencils and scissors? Instead of buying a fancy pen holder, use a baby food jar.

You can easily stick a pen through the centre of the jar so that it stays in place. Then if you need something more decorative, consider adding some decorative paper or glitter to the outside part of your jar.  

21. Guitar Pick Holder

If you want to give your little musician a unique gift, why not use a baby food jar as their guitar pick holder? All you need to do is make the pick holder out of wood and fit it inside your jar. Then glue on some washi tape or place a flower on top. This decorating idea also works with pencils and scissors. 


Baby food jars aren’t just for storing baby food anymore. If you’re looking for a cheap and fun way to organize your kitchen, office, or home, consider using these jars cleverly and decoratively.

Consider repurposing your empty baby food jars; you’ll be amazed at all they can do! Have you ever repurposed baby food jars? If so, what did you use them for? Leave us a comment below!


What can you use little glass jars for?

Baby food jars, cosmetics, sewing tools, dishwashers, or any other small or medium-sized jar or container.

Can you use a baby food jar for storing anything besides baby food?

Yes! You can store spices and kitchen utensils in them. You can also use them to store kitchen utensils, office supplies, and other small items. 

Is it OK to use baby food jars?

Yes, baby food jars are a great way to store anything from spices and kitchen utensils to office supplies or small items. You can even store herbs, pet food, or pet treats inside your home. However, since these jars are made for storing baby food and other foods for babies, it’s not a good idea to store flammable items such as paint thinner or lighter fluid since that could be dangerous. You might also want to ensure that the jar has no sharp edges so that it won’t cause a cut on your hands if you’re handling it carelessly.

Do you have any safety concerns about using baby food jars?

Nothing to worry about! If it doesn’t say baby food, it’s not. So, they are safe! What makes baby food jars so great is that they’re easy to clean and small enough to store in many places. You can store them in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and other places inside your house. Plus, if you have any extra jars left over, there are plenty of ways to use them.

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